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Welcome to our website

On this page you will find information related to the project "e-Experiments in physics", implemented by the Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, in collaboration with Young Digital Planet SA and LCG Malmberg.

You are welcome to use the service.
First, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the contents of the tab "about the project".


2012-02-26 New e-experiment

We are pleased to inform that the new e-experiment was placed at the website, called "the movement of celestail bodies". We invite you to experiment.

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2011-01-30 First e-experiments published!
We proudly announce, that the preliminary versions of the first e-experiments (pendulum and optical bench) are ready to run or download...
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2010-12-12 Thank you for participation in the conference!
We would like to thank all guests for their participation in the conference, despite the bad weather. Your comments will help us to improve th...
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